M2 Precision™ .50 BMG Match FL Sizer Die






Precisely provides minimum resizing necessary for a match chambered rifle.







• .544" neck and no expander ball.

• Produces cases with minimum run-out.

• Use with Custom Shell Holder to adjust headspace

• Standard 1 1/2" x 12 thread - Works in all popular .50 BMG presses.






 Instructions (1.1 MB) (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)



Ordering Information:

The M2 Precision™ .50 BMG Match FL Sizer Die is now in stock.

Important: The M2 Precision™ .50 BMG Match FL Sizer Die is designed for tight neck (0.553” – 0.554”) match chambered guns, using brass that has been neck-turned to .0190” - .0205” wall thickness. The M2 Precision™ .50 BMG Match FL Sizer Die requires an M2 Precision™ Custom Shellholder, selected to match your gun’s headspace. Please send 2 fired, unsized cases so that I can determine the appropriate shellholder.

For each M2 Precision™ .50 Match FL Sizer Die please send $350 + $8.50 shipping (California residents please add $29.31 sales tax). Specify standard or hand tool.

Please note that a lock ring is not included with the M2 Precision™ .50 BMG Primer Seater. I stock the Hornady lock rings (the best ones made) at $20.00 ea. (California residents add $1.68 sales tax). Note that the Hornady lock ring will not work with a Hollywood press – you’ll need to order special rings from Hollywood in that case.

Make checks payable to:

Mike Matter
PO BOX 2276
Cupertino CA 95015

For more information please call (408) 736-9037 or email sales@m2precision.com












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