M2 Precision™ .50 BMG Primer Seater






Adjustable, Repeatable and Precise seating of primers in .50 BMG cartridges







• Adjustable primer seating depth

• Repeatable primer seating to within +/- .001"

• Primer seating depth maintained between reloading sessions including between different presses

• Standard 1 1/2” x 12 thread - Works in all popular .50 BMG presses.

• Does not rely on operater 'feel'

• Tolerant of variations in case rim dimensions

• Insensitive to reloading press tolerances and flexing






Instructions (569 KB) (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)




Ordering Information:

For each M2 Precision™ .50 BMG Primer Seater please send $350 (Includes trued-up Hornady lock ring and US shipping). California residents please add $29.31 sales tax).

Make checks payable to:

Mike Matter
PO BOX 2276
Cupertino CA 95015

For more information please call (408) 736-9037 or email sales@m2precision.com












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